Posted by: paulapuddephatt | October 9, 2012

“Moonlit Moments” by Paula Puddephatt

ancient whisper

shimmer of poetry

moonlit moments

of divine


Posted by: paulapuddephatt | September 27, 2012

“And Now” by Paula Puddephatt

vague, pale shapes


into mind


but somehow soothing

somehow soothing

Posted by: paulapuddephatt | May 10, 2011

“Moon Goddess” by Paula Puddephatt

As indigo skies dissolve

into jet-black,

her silver shimmer

gently answers

passionate prayers.

Posted by: paulapuddephatt | March 22, 2011

“Not All About” by Paula Puddephatt

It’s not about me.

It’s not all about me.

I know.  You said.

When did I say it was?

Stop saying I.  Stop saying me.

Okay, but when did say it was about?

Posted by: paulapuddephatt | March 22, 2011

“Enough” by Paula Puddephatt

I have been rejected

And frequently shunned.

I have been affected

And I have felt stunned

At times by just how cold

Other people can be.

I’ve been feeling old

Since I was twenty-three.

By now, I know the score –

And life is never fair.

Most people will “back” war.

You’re asking me to care

Whether I live or die,

When life is one big lie.

I’ve had enough.  That’s all.